Take a little “Hawaiian Time” with you with one of our beautiful and unique clocks made of local reclaimed trees. Handcrafted by Dan & Eveline Moore.

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Slipper Acacia Wood Clock 8 1/2″x18″
Pineapple Clock 8″x14 1/2″
Large Monkey Pod Clock 14 1/2″x26 1/2″
Oval Dog Wood Clock 6 1/2″x9″
Fish Dog Wood Clock 14″x11″
Face Acacia Wood Clock 9″x10″
Drop Kamani Wood Clock 8″x10″
Round Lychee Wood Clock 14 1/2″x12 1/2″
Candle Clock 7″x9″
Oval Acacia Wood Clock 8 3/4×13″
Red Oval Clock 7 1/2″x9″
Small Round Mahogany Wood Clock 6″x7″
Oval Dog Wood Clock 9″x12″
Face Dog Wood Clock
Two Sides Dog Wood Clock 9″x11″
Round Acacia Clock 8 1/2″x10″